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  • This ornament would be the perfect addition to your Christmas tree this year or to use as a gift! It’s a great farmhouse feature that you can keep and reuse every year!

    |Ornament details|

    Size: 3”

    Wood: maple plywood

    Stain color (background): dark walnut

    Stain color (nativity): natural


    All orders ship USPS first class. Please send a message should other shipping arrangements need to be made.

    PLEASE NOTE: shipping times are estimated and dependent upon USPS.

    These ornaments are laser cut and made to order. Turn around time for completion is 3-5 business days (this does not include shipping times/estimates). Should you need the ornament sooner, please send a message.

    Custom ornaments are available! Send a message today to create your own unique ornament.Each ornament is made out of maple plywood however each sheet of maple plywood used could take the stain slightly different. We try our best to use the the same sheet of plywood for batches of ornaments so that all ornaments within your order take the stain the same however in some cases, ornaments that are ordered with the same stain color could potentially be different colors. The maple plywood also has a variation of knots, etc. Some ornaments will have the variation of knots on the front or back of them and the knots will also take the stain differently. If you have any questions regarding the stain or wood used, please send a message.

    2021 nativity Christian wooden Christmas ornament

    SKU: 1090547499

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