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An ode to the Tired

Are you a mom or dad? I’ve got one thing to tell you..

KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK! You’re doing awesome!

Its not not easy keeping up with any amount of kids. Even with one, you’ve got your hands full! I’ve got two toddlers— Kennedy (3.5) And Landon (1.5) that I love so, so much but are giving what little hair I have left from pregnancies silver twinges and I haven’t even hit the big 3-0 yet (Don‘t get me started on that.. I still don’t want to talk about my upcoming birthday).

I know I’m going to miss these ages— the first words, the innocent and silly things they say and come up with (Kennedy yesterday: “Momma, go on with your bad self!” 🤣), them playing so well together and Landon always smothering Kennedy trying to give her all of his kisses ( and Kennedy telling him she doesn’t want them). I will miss these times. But I won’t miss the sickness that comes with it. I don’t think I’ve had both kids healthy .. or even one kid consistently healthy now that I think about it.. for even 2 months in a row. Currently, they are both asleep but are being monitored because in the span of two hours they collectively threw up 8 times.

E I G H T.

Don’t Worry— they’ve both got two sets of sheets on their beds with a towel barrier underneath, trash cans lined with plastic bags in their rooms, paper towels and Lysol spray at the ready, and a washing machine empty and set to hot just in case. Hoping we won’t get any dreaded puking sessions tonight. Kevin and I are wiped out already and are trying to prepare for the worst.

It’s not easy both working full-time, running our own business, and trying to spend time with the kids. But we chug our coffee in the morning and make it work. It’s about the only thing you can do. That and pray.

So if you see another adult with that tired look in their eyes— yeah, you know the one— tell them they are doing awesome. If you don’t hear back from your friends who are parents for days— tell them you are here for them if they need you. Believe me, we need you. It takes a freaking village. I cannot tell you how we would have made it this far without the help of family and friends! Parenting is not easy.

Speaking of not hearing back-- don‘t hate me for taking weeks to get back to your texts or the fact that I rarely call back or most likely haven’t listened to your voicemail Or responded back to your Facebook message. Just know that I still love you and haven’t even had time to sit and hear myself think. Or haven't seen you in ages since it takes me 5 years to pack kids' bags, make sure I have the necessities (cannot go anywhere without the benadryl and epipen for Landino) and then by the time I get wherever we are going I spend more time stressed out, chasing the kids making sure they don't get into anything than hanging out. Or for not inviting you to my house to come chill. I don't think you'd want to step foot in my kitchen with dishes constantly in the sink, crap spilled on the counter, or just the mess of toys you will find sporadically in places they probably shouldn't be. And let's be real-- "Toilet Thursday" (aka: weekly cleaning of the toilet) hasn't been a re-occurring thing in my house for a while. Since I’ve become a mom, I’ve been less and less social. I don’t even know what to talk about to adults aside from kids, work, and the weather. i think that’s been the biggest change— the fact that I just don’t talk to hardly anyone anymore. Even in group settings, I stay quiet and don’t even know what to say. I work from home and therefore only interact with co-workers on the phone, most likely am in workout clothes with no intention of working out, and have become best friends with dry shampoo and throwing my hair up in a messy bun (I bathe nightly, so do not judge). Just know that it’s not you— it’s (the mom in) me.

Like I said, I love my little guys. Always have and always will. Would never ever regret being a mom. But whew, the struggle is real. A little bit realer tonight which I’m hoping will go back to the normal level of crazy.

Normal level of crazy.. pshh who I am kidding. What even is that?!

So, moms. Dads.

Go on with your bad selves. You are rocking the game and you are not alone.


a fellow tired momma

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